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Workshop for stakeholders (02.25.2020, Kyiv)
On February 25, 2020, a stakeholder seminar was held in Kyiv within the framework of the Erasmus + Ag-Lab project "Improving the skills of laboratory practitioners in the agri-food sector of Eastern Europe".

The welcoming speech was made by: Tatiana ISCHENKO, Director of the Scientific and Methodological Center of Higher and Professional Higher Education, in her speech recalled the purpose of the project and outlined the concrete steps that are being taken to achieve it: creation of specialized master's programs in laboratory practice for agro-food specialists; creation of specialized courses for postgraduate training of laboratory workers; updating of training provided by laboratories; development of new collaborative practices between laboratories and universities on the basis of mutual benefit. She noted that it is important for the project to ensure the viability of its results after its completion.

Svitlana DIDUSENKO, Head of the Modernization of the Content of Education and Educational Process Department of the Higher Education Directorate of the Higher Education and Adult Education Directorate of the Ministry of Education and Science , adaptation of students' preparation to production requirements, participation of future employers in the professional training of students, ensuring close cooperation between universities and laboratories, of the fields of learning, writing papers, preparing teaching materials, creating opportunities for international cooperation for young professionals, the study of European standards and their implementation for future professionals.

Zhanna TALANOVA, an expert on analytical matters at the National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine, welcomed the meeting participants and pointed out the requirements made by the European Commission to Erasmus+ projects and other projects in the field of education and science. Such requirements are: synergy, quality of the project and its results, adherence to higher education standards, which are also being changed, updated, improved towards adaptation to EU requirements. I urged project participants to focus on national higher education legislation and to scrutinize all information provided on the Erasmus+ office and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


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