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April 3, 2009. The official presentation of the EU-funded National Tempus Office in Ukraine (NTO) on the occasion of the Tempus Information Day.

The National Tempus Office (NTO) in Ukraine is to assist the European Commission and the Ukrainian National Authorities in the implementation of the Tempus Programme as well as other EU funded programmes aimed at the modernisation and transformation of higher education. 

The Institute for Leadership, Innovations and Development (ILID) was selected on a competitive basis, as a result of an open call among Ukrainian organisations active in the filed of higher education reforms, launched by the European Commission last year to fulfill the NTO tasks.

ILID is a Ukrainian NGO focusing on the promotion of institutional and professional leadership in good governance, modern management and open education. It was established in October 2006. Since then it has been a partner of several international and national projects. ILID is a member of the Global Development Learning Network – a partnership of more then 120 educational institutions all over the world and is closely collaborating with the Institute of Higher Education and other Ukrainian educational institutions. 

On 26 March 2009 the grant contract, covering period from 1 March 2009 to 31 December 2010, was signed between the European Commission's Directorate-General of Education and Culture and ILID, representing the NTO in Ukraine.

The NTO in Ukraine will act as an interface between the European Commission's Delegation to Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the European Union's Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) responsible for management of the Tempus program, the European Commission's Directorate-General for Education and Culture, higher education institutions and other stakeholders involved in the reform of higher education in Ukraine, implementation of the Bologna processes principles, and promotion of innovative approaches to learning and training. 

NTO location and contacts: 9 Bastionna st., 8 fl., Kyiv 01014, Ukraine.

tel./fax: +38 044 286 66 68, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , www.tempus

Svitlana Shytikova, NTO Director

Olena Orzhel, NTO Coordinator

Iryna Kostyuk, NTO Secretary


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Institute for Leadership, Innovations and Development

Mision / Vision

"Genius Temporis"

MISSION – To strengthen professional and organizational leadership and development of governance, management and education by implementation of innovations.

VISION – «ILID» – leader in implementation of innovations for professional and organizational development of governance, management and education.

ILID focus: educational and transformational leadership, open and inclusive education, good governance.